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Terms of Service

Fresh Superman, here is a special reminder, please carefully read the terms in the "Terms of Service" and choose to accept or not accept this agreement. The user registers, logs in and uses the service in this online store, which means that the user is aware of all the contents of the terms of service, and fully accepts the rules of the terms of service, and agrees to accept its constraints.

The user agrees that Fresh Superman has the right to make changes to the online shop’s ordering system, website, policies and/or these terms of service at any time; any modification or addition will take effect immediately when it is posted or posted on the website page, and is both Its binding force. Significant changes will be prompted on the home page and notified to registered users. The user's continued use of the website, purchase of goods, and enjoyment of services, etc., are deemed to have understood and agreed to the changes.

  1. Agreement

1.1 When you browse the Fresh Superman online store, you have fully understood and agreed to abide by these terms of service. Choosing to access or use the relevant services of this online store will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by all terms of this agreement.

1.2 Fresh Superman reserves the right to update these terms when necessary. Reserve the right to adjust the structure, services, functions, etc. of the online store. Unless otherwise stated, new features and new services will apply to these terms. Regardless of every update of this clause or adjustment of the service content, it will be released immediately without notice to you and will take effect immediately. If you refuse to accept the new terms of service, you must immediately give up using this online store; if you continue to use it, it means that you have fully understood, recognized and agreed to abide by the new agreement or service unless expressly provided otherwise, the online store launched New products, new features and new services of, are unconditionally applicable to these terms. Fresh Superman reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement at any time without prior notice. Users should pay attention to and comply with them when using the service.

  1. Registration Terms

2.1 When applying for registration, you must agree to these terms and conditions and provide complete, true and accurate personal information in accordance with the requirements of the website. If the problem caused by the untrue registration information should be borne by the user, Fresh Superman is not responsible and has the right to suspend or terminate the user's account.

2.2 After the registration is successful, the user uses the account number and password as the only identification when trading and enjoying services in this online store. The user shall properly keep the account and password by himself, and shall not transfer or lend his account to other users, he shall be responsible for the custody of the account and password, and shall be held responsible for the disputes, losses and legal liabilities caused thereby.

  1. Terms of use

3.1 When using the services of this online store, you must abide by the laws and regulations of the Netherlands, abide by the relevant agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of this online store, and you must not use this platform to engage in any illegal or improper activities. Users are not allowed to post illegal or illegal information in areas such as messages and reviews.

3.2 The user needs to ensure the accuracy of personal information when using it, and the user guarantees that this online store and other third parties can contact themselves through the contact information provided by the user; the user should also update the relevant information in a timely manner when the actual information changes. The company is responsible for keeping the information provided by users confidential.

3.3 The user has the right to query and share product information, purchase products, query product delivery information, upload product pictures, post usage evaluations, participate in product discussions, and enjoy the online store in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the relevant rules published by the online store. Other services provided.

3.4 Fresh Superman has the right to review, publish or delete information submitted by members. This online store will do its best to check the information submitted by members, but it cannot fully guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information, and it does not assume any legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

3.5 This online store contains links to other websites. However, it cannot control these websites and the resources they provide, and does not make any promises for the truthfulness, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the content, advertisements, services, and product information on the linked websites, and does not assume any legal responsibility for the linked websites.

3.6 The user agrees that for any content uploaded to this website (including but not limited to text and pictures), Fresh Superman has the right to free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and complete license and sublicense. Use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works based on it, disseminate, perform and display the foregoing content (in whole or in part), and/or incorporate the foregoing content into any other form of article, media, or technology , Whether it is currently known or developed in the future. At the same time, the user agrees that Fresh Superman will not be liable for any legal liabilities arising from the information without changing the substance of the information provided.

3.7 If the user violates the provisions of this agreement, or violates national and local laws and regulations, the online store has the right to stop the transmission and delete related information, block/ban the user’s publication and use, cancel the account, and report to the relevant supervisor if necessary. Department to disclose.

  1. Transaction terms and conditions

4.1 When you purchase goods or use any service of this online store in Fresh Superman, you are obliged to abide by our transaction terms. Please read carefully before using all the services provided by Fresh Superman and abide by all the transaction terms stated. Rules.

4.2 This online store has the right to unilaterally withdraw or modify the product/order information in the event that it finds obvious errors or out of stock in the displayed goods and/or orders.

4.3 This online store reserves the right to limit the quantity of goods ordered, including but not limited to the right to limit and modify the maximum purchase quantity and total quantity of goods per account.

4.4 This online store sets prices for goods independently, and has the right to adjust prices for certain goods without sending any notice.

4.5 The product photos are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. 4.5 The product photos are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. 4.5产品图片仅供参考,请以实际产品为准。 4.5 Product photos are for reference only, please prevail in kind. 4.5产品照片仅供参考,请以实物为准。

4.6 Delivery:

4.6.1 The delivery costs incurred by the delivery of goods will be settled separately according to the different delivery methods selected by the user.

4.6.2 This online store will deliver the goods according to the delivery address specified by the user; the delivery method will be different for different logistics companies. The delivery company estimates based on the customer's delivery appointment time requirements, inventory status, normal processing procedures, and delivery address range. The estimated delivery time is for reference only and not as a promise to the user for the delivery time.

4.6.3 If the goods ordered by the user are out of stock, the user has the right to cancel the order.

  1. Return, exchange and refund rules

5.1 Users must comply with the after-sales service specifications of this online store.

5.2 This website reserves the right to interpret and restrict the return and exchange of goods.

5.3 Refunds for goods that meet the requirements will be returned to the customer according to the payment method of the customer's current order.

  1. Dispute, dispute and complaint handling

6.1 We will try our best to provide customers with the best service. If the user discovers a fact that may infringe his rights during the process of using all the services of this online store, he should notify Fresh Superman in time and provide corresponding supporting materials. If the complaint is false and causes losses to Fresh Superman or a third party, it shall bear legal responsibility.

6.2 The website has the right to accept and handle disputes, disputes and complaints arising from the use of the services of this online shop among customers. The right to know the situation through e-mail, telephone and other contact methods, and to notify the other party of the situation through various methods. The user is obliged to provide corresponding information within a specified time after receiving the Fresh Superman notification, and to cooperate with the understanding and handling of disputes, disputes and complaints.

6.3 Due to the peculiarities of the commodities offered by this online store, Fresh Superman reserves the right to decide on the right to return and exchange products.

6.4 If the user has any questions about the received product, please take a photo and record it in time when receiving the goods, and contact Fresh Superman in time. Fresh Superman has the right to check the authenticity of the evidence provided by the user and its time, location, and content, and After making the decision.

  1. Agreement suspension and termination

For the following behaviors of users, Fresh Superman has the right to suspend or terminate its related services or refuse to use the website in any form without notice, and reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities:

7.1 Use all platforms provided by Fresh Superman to spam repetitive information, publish information that is prohibited or restricted by national laws and regulations, and publish information that does not belong to the business scope of members, or information that has nothing to do with website services;

7.2 Sending information not related to Fresh Superman's business to online shop customers without permission or authorization;

7.3 Use the name of Fresh Superman to publish commercial information and conduct commercial activities;

7.4 Plan to destroy or attack the integrity of the computer system or network of the online store, or attempt to enter the computer system or network without authorization;

7.5 Use or provide any computer virus, disguised sabotage program, computer worm, time program bomb or other destructive program that destroys, interferes with, intercepts or invades any system, data or personal information;

7.6 Misappropriating the login name and/or password of others on the website; selling or authorizing the use of accounts without the consent of the website; passing or engaging in fraudulent activities involving the website; passing or engaging in intellectual property infringement involving the website;

7.7 Other behaviors that violate national laws and regulations, rules and regulations, website-related agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices.

7.8 When this agreement is terminated or updated, the user does not accept the new agreement.

7.9 Other reasonable circumstances where the company believes that the service needs to be terminated.

  1. Disclaimer

8.1 In view of the particularity of network services, the website is not responsible for the obstruction of the connection between the user and the website server caused by external interference, hacker attacks and other factors other than basic security and stability. The user agrees to bear the loss caused by unexpected network interruption, operation or transmission delay, computer virus, network connection failure, unauthorized access, etc.

8.2 Due to force majeure or other unexpected events, the performance of this agreement is impossible, unnecessary or meaningless, neither party shall be liable. Force majeure in this agreement means objective circumstances that cannot be foreseen, unavoidable and cannot be overcome, including but not limited to wars, typhoons, floods, fires, lightning strikes or earthquakes, strikes, riots, statutory diseases, hacker attacks, network viruses, telecommunications departments Objective circumstances such as technological regulation, government actions or any other natural or man-made disasters.

8.3 Users can obtain certain contents of third parties or links to third-party websites through the relevant services of this online store, but this does not mean that this website has any relationship with these third parties. The third-party websites are the responsibility of the operators themselves and are not within the control and responsibility of this website. For any content, advertisements, products or other materials that exist or originate from such websites or resources, this website does not guarantee, assume no responsibility, and has no obligation. The user makes his own judgment on this and bears all risks arising from the use of such content, including but not limited to risks arising from reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicality of the content.

8.4 The user expressly agrees that when using all the services of this online store, if some users violate relevant laws, regulations or any clauses under this agreement and cause losses to the website or any other third party, the user agrees to bear the responsibility Liability for damages. The risks and consequences that exist when users use this online store will be entirely borne by themselves, and the website does not assume any responsibility to users.

  1. Intellectual property

9.1 Without the authorization of Fresh Superman, no one may use any trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand features in this online store.

9.2 Users are not allowed to register and purchase goods on this website with other people's information/information. The account number and password should not be transferred or lent to others for use. If you find that your user account has been illegally used by others, you should notify the website immediately.

9.3 The user agrees to accept Fresh Superman to send product promotions or other relevant commercial information to the user via email, platform messages or other legal methods.

9.5 The information posted by users on this website must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. Without the prior written consent of the relevant right holder, users must not upload, publish, modify, disseminate or copy any copyrighted materials and trademarks in any way Or proprietary information belonging to other people.

  1. Right of interpretation

10.1 If any clause in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or not enforceable for any reason, the remaining clauses of this agreement shall still be valid and binding.

10.2 The terms of this agreement are severable. If any terms of the agreement are deemed invalid or unenforceable, the validity of other terms will not be affected.

10.3 Fresh Superman and its affiliated company Freshsuperman & miutao B.V. retain the final right to interpret all the above rules.